How to choose a filter?

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The filter has the function of filtering impurities in the liquid or gas, maintaining the cleanliness of the liquid or gas, and of course preventing liquid or gas pollution when used to ensure the normal operation of the system. Here for you to say how to buy a filter?

Filter selection method is also a matter of concern. First of all, the external waterfall filter is very suitable for beginners to use, cost-effective. Inside there is a filter material area and a filter cotton area, the water in the fish tank is sucked into the filter through its own pump, and then the filter cotton and filter material are returned to the fish tank through the filter screen. The mouth of the waterfall forms a filtration cycle. Its advantages are cheap, easy to use, hanging on the outer wall of the fish tank, does not occupy the fish tank space, the water outlet is a waterfall, can effectively increase oxygen. Perfect for fish tanks under 60 years old. But there are also shortcomings, that is, its internal space is relatively small, the number of filter materials is limited, the sound is very low, almost no sound, the water outlet is wide and the height can not be adjusted, easy to cause carbon dioxide volatilization, so it is not recommended to use the straw jar. Photosynthesis in aquatic plants. And the usual daffodil tank filter. The product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, low price, low sound in water, and larger area than waterfall filter for cultivating nitrifying bacteria. But when it's used it doesn't filter very well. Biochemical cotton should be cleaned frequently, put into the fish tank, will occupy the fish tank space, affect the beauty, equipped with oxygen pump.

There are also filter buckets on the market. This is a popular one for fish lovers. It has a sealed barrel with a water pump and a filter material area to meet biochemical and physical filtration. The pump is pumped into the barrel and filtered layer by layer through the outlet. Send it to the jar. Its advantage is that it is beautiful and generous. Can be placed on the bottom cabinet, can also be hung on the tank wall, will not volatilize carbon dioxide. It is perfect for straw POTS. It can be combined with multiple filter buckets to improve the filtering effect. The disadvantage is that the price is a little expensive, the filtration effect of a single filter bucket is not very good, the cleaning is more troublesome, and the oxygen increase effect is not good, so it is necessary to be equipped with an oxygen increase pump. In addition to what I told you, you also need to look at the pressure bearing capacity of the filter when purchasing. A good filter needs to withstand a lot of water pressure, so the pressure capacity of a good filter is the key. Technology is also one of the factors to consider when buying a filter. Generally used under conditions containing impurities, a large amount of impurities will remain on the surface. Advanced ones allow water to flow from the inside out. Impurities on the strong force can also be backwashed.

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